Wednesday, August 7, 2013

1 Year Old!

This post is LONG over due. Life has been very crazy lately. Full of weddings, showers and birthdays.. speaking of birthdays, Audriana turned 1 on July 11th! On the weekend before her birthday,we had a party for her at the lake. The theme, of course, was Peter Rabbit. Check out the photos!

Table decor ~

I knit the hat and found the blue shirt at goodwill.

The gift table

Month by month pictures

I crocheted the Peter Rabbit doll for her. It has become one of her favorites!

Grandma and the birthday girl


she loves her "dada"

She got a ton of nice gifts!

Cake time! It took her about 3 minutes before she figured out it was ok to eat the cake with her hands!

Grandma and baby :)

On her real birthday I....

made her a giant 1 pancake!

My little 1 year old!

This is her kiss face. She says "mmm ma"

She got a special necklace from grandma.

We took her to the local ice cream shop :)

Then we stopped at her favorite toy store :)

That night, we took her to the zoo!

I can't believe it was only a year ago that she was this small. She has grown so much in a year!

I love you, Audriana Bella!