Thursday, May 31, 2012

34 Weeks & A Weekend Getaway

I hit the 34 week mark last Sunday! I've been feeling a lot of pressure from this growing baby inside of me.

Only about 5 ½ weeks left!

Last weekend, we did a getaway to the Creation Museum in Kentucky. I've been there 4-5 times, but it was the first time for my husband, Joey. We had fun!

Started off our trip with some Starbucks :)

Stuck in Chicago traffic

Ken Ham

Adam and Eve

Noah's Ark model

Joey holding the snake and lizard

Lunch at Noah's Cafe

Outside in the botanical gardens

my parents

Joey was making fun of me because I was walking so slow..

a Zorse

My dad loves ice cream!

Coffee from Noah's coffee shop

It was a nice weekend getaway!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

33 weeks

I hit the 33 week mark in my pregnancy last Sunday! 

I had my baby shower last Sunday, too. What a fun day! I felt so blessed. This baby is all set to go. I won't have to buy anything for awhile!

Here are some pictures from the shower ~

my grandma did the game.. This was the prize table (no joke)!


Grandma Dunn and I

Toni and I

Miah, Noah, Nathan and Julia

Angie, me and my mom

Aunt Jan, me, Grandma Fritz and my mom

Me and Rieanna. She is due two days ahead of me with a boy!


Mandie and I

Heather and Eliza

Me and Laena. She is due 3 weeks ahead of me with a baby girl!

It was a beautiful shower!