Tuesday, May 22, 2012

33 weeks

I hit the 33 week mark in my pregnancy last Sunday! 

I had my baby shower last Sunday, too. What a fun day! I felt so blessed. This baby is all set to go. I won't have to buy anything for awhile!

Here are some pictures from the shower ~

my grandma did the game.. This was the prize table (no joke)!


Grandma Dunn and I

Toni and I

Miah, Noah, Nathan and Julia

Angie, me and my mom

Aunt Jan, me, Grandma Fritz and my mom

Me and Rieanna. She is due two days ahead of me with a boy!


Mandie and I

Heather and Eliza

Me and Laena. She is due 3 weeks ahead of me with a baby girl!

It was a beautiful shower!

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