Thursday, May 17, 2012

Welcome / Benvenuto!

Welcome to our blog! In case you are wondering how to say our last name, the correct Italian pronunciation is - fa-roll the r's-oo-joe. Farruggio :)

Let me bring you up to date. My husband, Joey and I were married April 9th 2011. We are expecting a baby girl (our first) July 9th. Just two months away! We also just got pre-approved for a mortgage loan and are currently in the market for a house. This is a year of big changes for us!

I haven't written down any pregnancy memories, but I have taken weekly pictures. I hope to do something with them after baby is born! Let me share them with you now-

The first three were our pregnancy announcement pictures ~

I started taking weekly pictures at 10 weeks ~

This was right before we found out the baby's gender.

Below are some of the 3D ultrasound pictures ~

She looks like Joey!

Yes, you can see her eyes. They were closed, but the eyelids were so transparent that it showed right through!

And there you have it! All up to date :)

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